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The Last Mile
By Dan and Matthew Oxley
This is an all original album written, produced and recorded by Dan and his son Matthew. A departure from Dan's usual high note cds. This music is very mellow and relaxing with Dan playing mostly the Flugal Horn and his wind controller called the EVI ( electronic valved instrument ) One of Dan's favorites songs was written by Dan's son Matthew called Gentle Breeze.
Due to the fact that not as many people listen to cds anymore because of all the electronic devises like ipods Dan decided to offer this project as a download only.


Song Title Length Sample
1 From Now On
2 SombeNight
3 Gentle Breeze
4 Walk With Me
5 Where Do We Go
6 Through The Night
7 The Last Mile
8 In The Clouds
9 The Coming Tide
10 I'm So Happy

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