Question:  What kind of trumpet do you play?
Answer:  Custom Getzen                                           Bach with Blackburn Bell
Question:  What kind of mouthpiece do you play?
Answer:  Custom-made Schilke 14*4 with a 39L backbore
Question:  What kind of Flugel do you play?
Answer:  Kanstul copper with a Schilke 14 flugel horn mouthpiece
Question:  What kind of Piccolo Trumpet do you play?
Answer:  Schilke
Question: How many hours a day do you practice?
Answer:  Anywhere from 1 – 3 hours
Question: What trumpet player has influenced your playing the most?
Answer:  I grew up listening to Maynard Ferguson and Bill Chase. Maynard
influenced me the most.
Question: How have you increased your range?
Answer:  It’s a long story.
Question: Is there a method out there you recommend for endurance and range training?
Answer:  My new warm-up book!
Any other questions?  Email them to contact@danoxley.com