Dan Oxley, the son of missionary parents, was born and raised in Japan. It was there that he began to learn to play the trumpet when he was 8 years old from a Japanese music teacher who lived next door his experiences living in a country with so few christians gave him the passion early in life to use his talent in sharing the gospel. He literally grew up playing his trumpet on the street corners of japan

He attended school at the Christian Academy of Japan in Tokyo, but came to the U.S. his senior year where he graduated from Wheaton Central High School in the Chicago area. He then attended Grace College in Winona Lake, IN where he was introduced to Jerry Franks and played in his revolutionary jazz band of the 70's, Dimensions in Brass. In 1978, Dan left college to travel with the contemporary Christian group, Truth. While traveling with Truth, Dan met singer Donna Carter, whom he married in 1979. Together in 1980, they left the road and settled in the Los Angeles area where they both finished college at Azusa Pacific University. After living in the Los Angeles area for 10 years, they relocated in Nashville.

Over the years, Dan has toured extensively across America performing at festivals, churches, conventions and colleges. Has has traveled to foreign countries such as Russia, Japan, China, South Korea and North Korea. In 1992, he particapted in this first International Christian Arts Festival in St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra.

In 1996, Dan was able to be one of a very few Americans allowed into North Korea in the past 40 years. There, he participated in the international Spring Arts Festival in which artists from over 40 countries participated. That year was was also part of the JERUSALEM 3,000 GOSPEL MUSIC CELEBRATION, which commemorated the 3,000th anniversary of the year the city was named capital of Israel.

Dan is a specialist on the EVI, an electronic valved wind controlled midi instrument. It is featured on many of his recordings. Very few musicians have mastered the art of the EVI, and Dan is one of them.

As a studio musician and producer, he has backed up numerous artists in both the secular and Christian music field. Dan has his own home studio where he produces all of his recordings as well as projects for outside clients. Dan has released several solo albums including a Christmas album, an album dedicated to classic hymns entitled THE HYMNS PROJECT, a pop album entitled A NEW DAY, a collection of his concert favorites simple titles DAN OXLEY, and a praise and worship album entitled THE DAN OXLEY PRAISE BAND.